Plain Old Lucy- Scene Three


Setting: In front of an elevator in the Fashion District in New York. The doors are closed.

The doors open, and David and Lucy walk out. He’s carrying a briefcase, jean samples on hangers, and Lucy’s black buyer’s bag.


Thanks again, David, for accompanying me to all my appointments. I know my vendors really appreciated having the VP there to approve my orders.


It’s the least I could do, Lucy. You shouldn’t have to wait until we return to the office to   get your orders signed. Anything you choose will be a best seller.


And thank you for carrying my bag and samples.


Don’t mention it, dear. These bags are heavy. You shouldn’t have to carry them. It’s my privilege to help you.


(To herself) Now this is more like it! My boss following me around like a groupie!


I’ll go outside and hail you a cab. Wait inside here where it’s warm. (He leaves)

Lucy’s phone rings, and she picks it up.


Oh, hi Sean. It’s so great to hear from you. (She listens.) Yeah, everything’s going fine, but you wouldn’t believe it! David’s been at all my appointments- since the second day we’ve been here. (She listens.) I know- unbelievable, right? Get this- he carries all my samples and my huge bag! (She listens.) No- I’m not dreaming. I’m awake and working! He listens to me, Sean. Not only him, but the others, too. (She listens.) Well, it’s a long story. I’ll tell you when we get home. I’m flying out tonight, first class with David. He upgraded my ticket. Look for my orders- Susie’s faxing them over to the office with hers. (She listens.) No, I’m not joking. Stop laughing. I’ll tell you all about it Monday. Have a great weekend, bye.

She walks out.


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