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Plain Old Lucy- Scene Five

Back at O’Connell’s Pub in New York. The buyers are at the bar. CANDY Here we are, one month later. Lucy, I’m so glad you changed your mind about coming here. Of course, if you want to go somewhere else, … Continue reading

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Plain Old Lucy- Scene Three

Setting: In front of an elevator in the Fashion District in New York. The doors are closed. The doors open, and David and Lucy walk out. He’s carrying a briefcase, jean samples on hangers, and Lucy’s black buyer’s bag. LUCY … Continue reading

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Plain Old Lucy- A Modern Faery Tale

  Here is the first scene from my one act play about deals with faeries: Scene 1 Setting: the buying offices of Lucky 17. Grey cubicles, open side to the audience, separate the buyers from each other, but when they stand … Continue reading

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The Big Bad Wolf becomes a hero

I should have known. All trimester the cast of my after school musical, “The Granny Awards” changed like mountain weather as students fell prey to sports, lost interest, and transportation issues. But as I rounded the corner to our dress … Continue reading

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