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The Cave Part Six

As they traveled down hallways decorated with elaborate paintings of flowers, Meghan and Hardly said nothing to each other. The faery’s boots pounded on the polished wood floors, as Meghan walked silently in her slippers behind him. She held Noodles … Continue reading

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The Almost Grand Canyon Trip

Our first Harley road trip to Arizona was full of storms. When the trip was planned for May, we weren’t expecting any rain. It was unfortunate we couldn’t have made arrangements to test new motorcycle gear, since we experienced every … Continue reading

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Dancing with Mountains

As our HOG chapter roared down the narrow road that paralleled Lake Matthews, the sky was bright with promises of cool spring weather. After previous days of thunderstorms, this blue sky only held wispy feather clouds, incapable of interfering with … Continue reading

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Why We Ride- Part One

When I got back to work on Monday, my eyes sparkled with the residual excitement from the weekend. Even though my neck and back protested, I smiled at my co-workers in the teacher’s lounge. One of my teacher friends squinted … Continue reading

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So long dear friend

I can’t believe I’m standing here in front of all of you. You know much I hate doing this, but the dull ache in my chest compels me to say something. Especially after I only found out that you were … Continue reading

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Your friendship starts small. You dip your toe in and cringe. “Too cold!” Disappointed, she pulls away, giving you time to adjust. After a while, she creeps up again, this time with lacy froth. Your feet stay in. “It’s not … Continue reading

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