How Violet got right

Violet did everything right.

Every week, she created 10 TikTok videos, posted 21 pictures of her meals on Instagram, and liked all her friends’ memes on Facebook. She answered every text and email immediately upon receiving them. All her friends loved her.

Not only did Violet do everything right, but she also had the right job.

She only drove to the office once a week. The remaining days she worked from her spare bedroom in her tank top and yoga pants. Her colleagues lived around the world, creating ad campaigns for top companies. All her friends envied her.

In addition to doing everything right and having the right job, Violet had the right boyfriend.

Anthony was a firefighter, with tousled raven-colored hair, the kind you wanted to run your fingers through. In fact, he was so hot he was hired to pose for a firefighter calendar that benefited families displaced by wildfires. All her friends loved him.

And yet, Violet did not feel right.

She felt like social media dictated what she should wear and care about. Her bosses expected more from her since she worked at home, so often she worked all night. Anthony worked long hours during the fire season, so he felt like she should run his errands and be available to him without any notice.

She suspected she might need to get rid of some things in her life so she could feel right. She turned off her TV and computer. She deleted her social media accounts. She quit her job and started working at Starbucks. She broke up with her firefighter boyfriend. Her friends pushed each other out of the way to try to date him. Although she was surprised she didn’t care that much about losing these things, she still didn’t feel right.

Violet starting writing again, and that felt right.

Years ago, she loved writing horror stories, but her life became too busy and too right. She pulled her old stories out of the desk drawer and revised them. Then she submitted them to magazines who eagerly accepted them for publishing. She started working on a children’s book. It was about a little girl who was surrounded by adults that told her what she should do. The little girl ran away into the forest, where she ended up living happily in a tiny cottage with her pet rabbits. When the book was ready, she submitted it to a literary agent who loved it so much, she signed her that day.

Violet started to feel right.

She wore clothes that looked good and felt right on her. Her job at Starbucks paid the bills so that she could write books when she got home. She even met a guy at her first book signing who seemed right for her. He was smart and creative. He wanted to start his own publishing business and publish all her books. He did things for her, and that felt right.

Even though Violet felt better, she still knew she wasn’t right. She bought a Bible from a used bookstore. Every night, she would read a chapter before bed. After a while, she understood what she needed to do.

She started attending a church down the street from her house. The pastor said things that didn’t make any sense, like giving money to the poor and caring about people who were not right like her. This intrigued her so she decided to find out more. She bought a Bible from a used bookstore and started to read. The words were different from all the things she had heard online and from her friends.

That’s how Violet finally found out how to be right.

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