From the green room

As we wind down the week of Summer Splash, I enjoy an unusual quiet moment in the green room.

This year was Rise of the Heroes, a super hero version of the book of Acts.  For the past four days we’ve been the reporters from the Daily Globe getting the scoop on super hero Paul and the J men. In between performances our cast has walked around in costume interacting with the kids. There’s a morning drama and then my cast performs. Besides our theater time rotation, there are water games, snacks and crafts.

After the first day, the kids get caught up into the drama. They stop us and tell us about Jesus. Some kids boo the villains, while others try to convince us of the truth. Walking through the water games can make cast members victims of sponge attacks.

As the days go by, the audience participates more loudly during performances. Villains are booed at the end of their scenes while the heroes are cheered.

At the of Friday’s session the casts of both dramas stay and sign workbooks and t shirts for the kids. The band returns for a family concert that night.

The magic is over. We take off our costumes for the last time and start dreaming of next year.


About jrizzotto0808

I'm a writer of fantasy tales and travel stories. My work in progress, The College of the Crones, recently won an Honorable Mention Award at the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Southern California Spring Retreat. I am the editor of The Handlebar Star, on online publication of the Inland Empire Branch of the Harley Owners Group. My teaching career supports my addictions to camping and riding with my husband on our Harley, named The Black Pearl. I'm also the Vice President and Membership Chair of the Inland Empire Branch of the California Writers Club, where I can find people who understand me.
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