About Color

Blue is the name of Frank’s car. You can pick it out easily when you follow it on the freeway due to its brilliant hue. Frank and I both had only owned cars that were silver or white before acquiring Blue. We never would have dared to drive anything flashy.

But then Frank and I started  dating. Our color preferences changed gradually after we were married. We started camping, and taking photos of all the colorful places we visited. We screamed and cheered from the front row of rock concerts. I dyed my hair bright red and Frank grew a goatee. The natural progression of all this colorfulness was that we traded in Frank’s white truck for a bright blue Yaris. Since we name our cars, the Yaris was named Blue, not very original of course.

Some time later, my silver Explorer died, (never name your SUV Magellan after an explorer who died in the middle of a historical voyage) and we purchased a screaming red Ford truck which we named Blaze. At this same time, my daughter had a white XB, and we had red, white, and blue vehicles in front of our house.

What’s the point of all this? I’m not sure, but somehow the colors you choose reflect your outlook in life. Or maybe they’re just colors.

Last month, we traded in Blaze, and bought a silvery green Tundra. Does this mean we’re settling down?

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