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How to Buy Your First Harley

This is another exercise from my Short Story class at UCLA. The assignment was to write a “how to” story in the second person POV. This is a work of fiction, and is not intended to be read as marital … Continue reading

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January Reset Button

  I only have a few more days of winter break to procrastinate about my novel revisions before I return to school. With the New Year comes the reset button, the chance to make this year different than the previous. … Continue reading

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Elements of a Ride

  Riding Harleys uses alchemy—you can experience the elements of air, earth, water, and fire all in one ride. The first element we encountered was fire when our planned destination was in doubt when we met at the dealership for … Continue reading

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Why We Ride- Part Two

Completely exposed. That is your situation when you ride motorcycles, and you must accept it. Safety is another reason my friends consider my husband and I crazy to spend half our weekends riding our Harley. There are many features built … Continue reading

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Why We Ride- Part One

When I got back to work on Monday, my eyes sparkled with the residual excitement from the weekend. Even though my neck and back protested, I smiled at my co-workers in the teacher’s lounge. One of my teacher friends squinted … Continue reading

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Ready to Ride

I awoke to the persistent rustling of my husband next to me. The room was still dark, and for a moment I thought it was time to get up for work. Then I remembered it was Saturday. “Honey, we don’t … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2015

Part of being a good teacher is the ability to reflect and respond. After the kids leave, and you’re sitting in a mess of broken crayons, glue-crusted desks, and overflowing trash cans, it’s time to go over all the lessons … Continue reading

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well enough alone

“When will you leave well enough alone?” I could hear the ghost of my long passed mother as I stood smothered by a thick wool full length coat and a fleece running jacket. The air was stale with traces of … Continue reading

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So long dear friend

I can’t believe I’m standing here in front of all of you. You know much I hate doing this, but the dull ache in my chest compels me to say something. Especially after I only found out that you were … Continue reading

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Flying with Superman

Riding as a passenger on a Harley is a unique experience. When my husband and I purchased the bike, he had years of riding dirt bikes and street bikes compared to my one experience of riding with my father in … Continue reading

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