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From Culture to Chaos

  The Getty Villa in Malibu is not the usual Harley ride we experience with the Harley Owners Group (HOGs). In fact it normally would not appear on our calendar, but someone at the activity meeting raised their hand and … Continue reading

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Sea Turtles

  Ancient eyes watched me struggle to breathe through my snorkel. An immense shell blocked the sunlight filtering through the water and suddenly I was aware of the sea turtle floating close to me. I backed away from its penetrating … Continue reading

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The Cave Part Six

As they traveled down hallways decorated with elaborate paintings of flowers, Meghan and Hardly said nothing to each other. The faery’s boots pounded on the polished wood floors, as Meghan walked silently in her slippers behind him. She held Noodles … Continue reading

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The Cave

“For once, I’d like to eat something that wasn’t charred black!” “Why do I always have to cook? If you don’t like what I serve, do it yourself!” Meghan could hear her parents argue from the other end of the … Continue reading

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Your friendship starts small. You dip your toe in and cringe. “Too cold!” Disappointed, she pulls away, giving you time to adjust. After a while, she creeps up again, this time with lacy froth. Your feet stay in. “It’s not … Continue reading

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Plain Old Lucy- Scene Five

Back at O’Connell’s Pub in New York. The buyers are at the bar. CANDY Here we are, one month later. Lucy, I’m so glad you changed your mind about coming here. Of course, if you want to go somewhere else, … Continue reading

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Heaven’s Tears

Puffy white clouds scoot across the sun in a brilliant blue sky. The air is crispy fresh, and the sand is cool under bare feet. Waves dump foam close to me. On the horizon, a bank of grey threatens but … Continue reading

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